ADR Transport

We understand ADR transports in complete details

Carriage of dangerous goods is ranked into special transports sector, which subject are the freights requiring specific conditions for packaging, handling, documentation or vehicles construction and equipment. Failures in ADR transportation can considerably revenge. Inattention, neglecting trifles or equipment malfunctions may result in fatal consequences.

Why are we effectual in ADR

  • operating reliable and certified fleet by Mercedes Benz and Schmitz vehicles customised for EX III grade of ADR
  • experienced and irreproachable drivers are regularly retrained
  • supervised by experts in DGSA
  • each transport is covered by insurance
  • double-curtainsider vehicles make loading/unloading considerably cost-effective

What we promise is what we keep real

Schedules and transport prices agreed are definite for us. The result is the client who becomes a friend in confidence. And it prospers much better then within any business.


ADR flotila pripravená k transportu

Our ADR vehicles in performance

– ADR skriňový náves s pevnou stenou

ADR box semitrailer

ADR skriňový náves s rolovacou stenou – ukážka s úplne otvorenými bočnými stenami pre efektívnu nakládku/ vykládku

ADR box curtainsider – completely open

ADR skriňový náves s rolovacou stenou s otvorenou jednou stranou

ADR box curtainsider – one side open

ADR Transport services quotation.

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