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Domestic and international ADR road transport

We feel like at home at the transportation of dangerous goods. We freight your consignment within Slovakia, Europe or even worldwide by intermodal transport services. We respect agreements and deadlines. What we promise is what we keep real.


We provide ADR transportation services for you.Our fleet is ADR EXIII certified, originally customised vehicles for ADR Class I. Our drivers are experienced and regularly retrained. All our effort is under supervision of DGSA experts and each transport is covered by insurance.

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Our Fleet

includes exclusively ADR EXIII certified box semitrailers – double curtainsider what makes loading considerably cost-effective and oversized cargo possible.

On ADR vehicles

What is ADR transport

Let us explain what is important to consider before the ADR transport.

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Managed all necessities for the transport and inspection of the place to avoid any difficulties

Radoslav Kotrík, MDTC s.r.o., Slovakia

We appreciate the experienced logistics, correct documentation, well-timed deliveries and professional approach of the drivers.

Imrich Ancin, Airport Bratislava, Slovakia

Laval Defence is one of the top ADR transport companies we are working with.

Denisa Voženílková, ZELENÝ SPORT Defence s.r.o., Czech Rep.

We appreciate their professionality, punctuality and communicating of the drivers and the rest of staff

Krzystof Józwik, ARMY TRADE Sp z o.o., Poland

The fact we rate high is keeping the schedules with reliable drivers…

Ľuboš Čecho, MSM Martin, s.r.o., Slovakia

ADR Agreement

ADR transportation tasks and general rules are harmonized under European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road …